Garden Trellis Designs

When deciding between garden trellis designs, you’ll first have to decide exactly what you’re looking for. On this page I’ll go over the different types of designs you can choose from and how to go about buying or building them.

One thing most people don’t realize is that you can use many different materials for your garden trellis. You’ll be able to choose from wood, wrought iron, pvc piping, bamboo, and even plastic materials.

The material you choose will be based off of the look you want and the plants you plan on growing on them. When you’re growing ornamentals, it really doesn’t matter what kind of material you use. However, when you’re growing plants that you plan on eating, you want to make sure you use materials that are not toxic.

An example of a toxic building material would be pressure treated wood. Pressure treated wood is great for building, because it last much longer than wood that is not treated. Unfortunately, pressure treated wood is toxic and should not be used in garden trellis designs that will hold edible fruits or vegetables.

If you are planning on going with a wooden trellis, I would highly recommend that you look into getting Ted’s Woodworking Plans. His plans have many different types of trellises as well as pergolas and other garden items you might want to make.

Wrought iron garden trellis designs are a different story. An experienced welder could probably make a beautiful trellis by his or her self, but the amateur gardener should probably just go ahead and buy this type of trellis from a store.

Just be aware that although this type of trellis is very durable, it can also be extremely expensive to buy. You’ll get a much better bang for your buck by making your own wooden trellis.

When you don’t need to support large plants and you don’t care how durable the trellis is or how terrible it looks, you can go with trellis plans made from pvc piping and nylon thread. These trellises are usually fairly inexpensive to make and can be taken down quickly.

Bamboo garden trellis designs are usually created for people that have their own free source of bamboo. Bamboo can be very strong and if you have it growing nearby, it will be free for you. Just keep in mind that you still won’t be able to support large plants with a small home made bamboo trellis.

What Garden Trellis Designs Are Best For Me

The best garden trellis designs for your light weight short growing vine plants like tomatoes and bush cucumbers will be small wrought iron trellises, bamboo trellises, and pvc pipe trellises. You can also buy or build small wooden trellises for this as well.

When you want larger plants that grow to large heights, your best bet is to go with a wooden trellis. The reason for this is that pvc and bamboo are not strong enough for this job and wrought iron is far too expensive. If you decide to save money on the project, build your own wooden trellis using Ted’s woodworking plans.

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